Our goal is to cultivate a holistic experience that is thoroughly planned out and wrapped in luxury so that all you have to do is get there.

Keep in mind, this is your escape – there is no pressure to join all the activities. You choose how much, or how little, you do throughout your retreat experience.

About Us & The Experiences We Create

Cultural/Spiritual/ Adventurous Experiences


All of our retreats involve a vast cultural experience that is inspired by the location to which we have traveled.  We choose these locations for their richness in culture, beauty, cuisine, and adventure.

Unique Retreat Locations Around the World


Our team has traveled the world in search of the most unusual, and awe-inspiring places to hold our retreats.  150-foot Yachts, 400-year-old Italian Castles, picturesque Norwegian Fiords, 5-Star South-African Wildlife Reserves, Cozy Catskills Cabins, and many more are the framework for our journeys.

Daily Yoga & Meditation


Daily yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice are at the heart of our retreats, bringing us together each morning and evening.  Our multifaceted instructors bring high-levels of connection and flow to the daily practices we cultivate.  All levels are welcome.  You can also opt out of any or all yoga.  There are plenty of other relaxing or adventurous options on all of our retreats.

Skilled, Seasoned Instructors


Luxury Yoga Retreats has a team of highly experienced instructors that guide you through each day of your retreat experience. Our instructors are compassionate, highly trained, well educated, and versed in a myriad of practices and crafts.

Local Guides


Depending on the retreat, local guides take you on fantastic adventures through some of the most beautiful and untouched places in the world.  Some retreats are more active than others, and all activities are optional.

Luxury Accommodations & Gourmet Food/Drink


During each retreat, our focus is to feed your body, mind, and soul with delicious, mindful, and healthy goodness.  Some of our retreats are more focused on detoxifying, and some center around healthy indulgence of both food and drink. Retreat centers, 4-5 star hotels/villas/borgos, and luxury yachts, are carefully chosen to give you a comfortable experience to be fully rejuvenated.