Paige Howard


Paige is co-founder/owner of Luxury Yoga Retreats and handles the marketing, accounting, and logistics for the company.  Paige owned and operated a tutoring and curriculum creation business out of Chicago for 17-years prior to moving to San Diego to pursue new pastimes and ventures.  Her love of yoga and meditation has evolved over the last decade, especially in remote places around the world, where she finds her deepest connections to herself.  Paige loves connecting with other people and learning from their experiences and insights.  Other loves include:  traveling, surfing, skiing, hiking, running, cross-fit, drinking wine, eating amazing food, spending time with family and friends, and being an aunt.

Deanna Figurito


Deanna is co-founder/owner of Luxury Yoga Retreats and handles curated experiences, client liasoning, and on-site retreat management for the company.  Deanna has worked in advertising in NYC for over a decade and has recently started working at Pinterest, a company that encourages her to pursue her passions and entrepreneurial spirit.  Deanna fell in love with yoga and meditation over the past decade, and has mitigated her fast-paced New York lifestyle with these elements, infused with travel; passions she is eager to share with those around her.  Deanna's vast global network and overall desire to connect with people all over the world energizes her and is a source of inspiration and motivation for those around her.


Christina Monaco Caldwell


Christina is a spirited workout enthusiast and yogi.   A former dancer and current theater director, Christina received her 200 hour certification in vinyasa flow while she lived in Hawaii. You can always find her dangling in downward dog and encouraging her students to explore outside of their comfort zones.  She is a coach for yoga teacher training, and currently teaches power yoga, vinyasa flow, and yoga sculpt at Empower Yoga and CorePower Yoga in New Jersey.   When Christina is not practicing yoga or teaching, you can find her spreading positive vibes,  connecting with humans, journaling, surfing, and traveling. 

Ultimately, when you practice with Christina,  you will jive with your soul, honor your contentment, and speak your inner truth. Christina’s practice encourages a mind-meets-body, yet playful approach to yoga.  For Christina, yoga promotes testing your inner strength, so you can finally accept and love your most authentic self.  Christina’s approach will help your mind yoke with your body and be empowered by your most enlightened self.

Isa Raim


Isa is a nomad by heart, traveling to wherever he is pulled for inspiration and life lessons. 

Essential in his teaching is how everything in our daily life can be related to a higher purpose. Whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, he offers a space to sync in with whatever is present in your life at the moment. 

His offerings in meditation, movement, and musings, serve to expand your horizon and encourage anyone interested in their own growth to find new ways of self-discovery, finding your own authentic expression. A mix of alignment, deep self-inquiry, practices of joy and freedom, laughter and bhakti!. 

Isa has taught retreats all over the world. This is his key offering, as retreats create a space for you to dwell deeper and deeper into your essence.  


Rae Broderick


I am an international yoga + wellness guide based in woodstock, ny.

I am a true believer in creating a life you love rooted in peace, love + ease.

I began my yoga journey fifteen years ago in high school with rodney yee vhs tapes, rolling out a sticky mat in my mom's bedroom. I have led classes at + managed multiple studios including stråla yoga in nyc's soho neighborhood where i also received 500+ hour of training under tara stiles + mike taylor having completed their advanced training for teachers, 200+ hour ready-to-lead training + 300+ hour advanced leadership training.

My leading experiences includes classes + workshops around the tri-state area + abroad including yoga journal's yoga in the park series in bryant park + on the spirit of ny's yoga cruise. i was the first guide to bring stråla yoga to northern ireland.  my yoga + health coaching experience has been featured on such websites as the sweat life + yoga journal.

as a certified holistic health coach, I work one-on-one with people to create customized attainable + sustainable health + wellness goals with a focus on nutrition, movement, relationships, mindfulness + more.

I look forward to continuing this wellness journey + connecting with others across the globe.