Reviews & Testimonials


"It was one of the best New Years in my life! These 5 days in this beautiful house in Catskills with the most beautiful, cheerful and open-minded people were amazing. Organization was on a high level thanks to Paige and Deanna and their team! We had so much fun along with mindful activities like yoga and meditation everyday. Food and our Chef Rob were fantastic! I do recommend it to everyone who wants to spend their time with the best value! LYR are the greatest! They love what they do and you can feel it while enjoying your vacation. Great experience!"

- Anastasia - Russia

Catskills Retreat, 2019

"My trip with Luxury Yoga Retreats was an incredible experience for me and all the other guests. Deanna and Paige created a warm and welcoming environment for relaxation, fitness, and fun. They thought of every last detail which collectively fostered reflection for one's self and connection with other guests. On top of that, our bellies were satisfied each day thanks to a wonderful chef and our hearts were full when we left with new lifelong friendships. I look forward to joining their future retreats!"

-Tricia, USA

Catskills Retreat 2019

"I cannot say enough fantastic things about this company and this retreat.  It was my first retreats of any kind and it was just magical.  I will definitely be doing another one this year, and hopefully many more after that.  The organization, the location, the food, the wine, the people, the  The LYR Team was in touch every step of the way.  And, the people...oh the people.  They were just fantastic!  I met so many amazing souls, from all over the world, and had such a fantastic time.  Thanks to everyone!  :)" 

- Kate - USA

Umbria Retreat, 2015

"Paige and Deanna curated an amazing experience across the board!  This was my first retreat of any kind and I was a newb to yoga, as well.  Working in the Corporate world can be very stressful and it can be hard to fully disconnect and relax. At this retreat I found a new sense of calm, focus and rejuvenation I have never experienced before. I’m already looking forward to future Luxury Yoga Retreat experiences and building yoga and meditation into my daily life.  Thanks LYR for the memories, new friendships and the tools to make this the best year ever!"

-Chuck, USA

Catskills Retreat, 2019

"A retreat with LYR is not any kind of a retreat. You will feel special, overwhelmed, satisfied, relaxed and uplifted as the LYR team together with Isa as a teacher is one of a kind. He is a teacher who will push all your buttons in the best possible way and leave you speechless, but your spirit will be craving for more; more of yoga, more of Isa, more retreats like this. I would highly recommend this to anyone who desires some relaxed time where everything is organized for one to feel  luxurious in a physical and mental way."

- Marijana - Norway

Croatia Retreat, 2015

"Just would like to say thank you to Deanna and Paige for doing such a great job. Anybody, who is looking for new experiences and friends, definitely should go to one of the retreats, that these 2 beautiful girls organize. Happy place, friendly faces, no pressure or judgement, that’s all LYR!!!"

-Victoria - Russia

Catskills Retreat, 2019

"I loved being on a the amazing yacht in the cleanest and the most beautiful sea in Europe and on top, of this being able to find some inner peace with yoga and meditation. Combination of yoga, sea, fresh air, meditation and extraordinary Dalmatian cuisine, combined with all positivity around and all new places which are ready to be discovered is uplifting in every possible way.  Everything was 5-star.  This is something which should be on everyones to do list!" 

- Dragan - Croatia

Croatia Retreat, 2015

"My very 1st yoga retreat and definitely not my last! Our week in Bali was one I will never forget. The LYR team had a perfect balance between structured activities and personal time. Together with exploring Bali's uniqueness, I felt energized mind, body, and soul. From daily yoga sessions, to meditations, movement classes, breathing exercises, reflexologist sessions, a visit to an amazing palm reader and magical water priestess, all made my experience a very powerful one. Thank you LYR team, for putting so much thought into every beautiful detail! I will definitely see you soon." 
-Isabel - Singapore/Chile

Bali 2017

"I’ve been on a number of yoga retreats and none have compared to my time in Bali with Isa and Alexia.  As with anything in life the people make the experience and these two incredible spirits exceeded all of my expectations.  It doesn’t hurt that Bali, Ubud in particular is simply magical and I urge everyone to go at least once.  We woke up to a 2-hour yoga and meditation session, followed by a wonderful, nearly all vegan (yet very yummy) breakfast with free time or a planned outing until our evening yoga, meditation and dinner.  
What I walked away with most was to keep seeking for a deeper, more spiritual practice.  Before the trip, I was in my 7th year of hot vinyasa where I craved it multiple times a week.  Though, while in Bali with Isa and Alexia, I realized that fancy arm moves and back bends (which I’m terrible at) is not the source of energy that I seek. Through their extensive travels, they were able to heighten what yoga can be, not “should be."   It was beyond eye opening and upon returning, I’ve since quit my studio and have set out on a path to seek a teacher for a deeper and more meaningful practice.  The LYR Team is here to spread the message of love and gratitude and for anyone who is open and ready, it’s simply life altering. I knew God was speaking when Isa was singing, pure light and love." 

- Kimberly - USA

Bali Retreat, 2016

“I went to Bali with the LYR Team and it was an incredible experience.  From the beginning, Deanna and Isa had an amazing week in store for us, filled with yoga, meditation and self-exploration.  At this point. I was new to self-exploration and aside from yoga, all was new to me and I felt very comfortable growing and learning with the group in a very safe space.  Bali itself was incredible and the group did a great job of planning.  The trip was filled with adventure, relaxation and learning.  I can’t wait for the next trip!  Thanks for a great time!” 

- Matt, USA 

Bali, 2016

A uniquely memorable experience, the perfect playground to explore and develop deep, personal practices and simultaneously build and share communal, luxury space with total strangers who end up feeling like what family/community ideally is.

-Nadia, Austria

Bali, 2018