Upcoming Retreats

Hiking & Yoga in the Sacred Valley - Peru


Experience the Sacred Valley Of The Inkas with daily classical yoga, meditation, river blessings, visits to sacred sites, despacho ceremony for Mother Earth, aya medicine ceremonies and much more!  Be connected to nature in a way you have never experienced. Nourishment through movement, food, and drink, as well as connection to Mother Earth, will be the focus of this retreat.

Hiking & Yoga in the Norwegian Fjords


Calm your mind and re-energize your body as we explore the fjords of Norway.  Yoga under the Midnight Sun and taking an electric bike thousands of feet up the cliffs of the fjord are just a couple examples of the experiences you will have on our Norwegian fjords retreat.



Experience that magic that is Bali.  Have a yoga flow under the pitter patter of the rain as you look out amongst the rice paddies.  Explore the Monkey Jungle, or get blessed by the High Priestess Ida Resi with a beautiful water ceremony.  Come find out what dreams are made of, as you open your heart and soul into the peace that is Bali.

Where Should Our Next Retreat Be?


We are always scouting out new places for our retreats.  Part of our job is to scour the world for interesting, unusual, exotic, and beautiful places to curate fantastic experiences.  We love hearing suggestions from our amazing LYR Community.  Where would you like to see us plan a retreat?